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Hello everyone. After so much though and sitting around doing nothing actually, I have finally decided to launch my blog site to document all our home projects that we have, have had and currently working on. It’s great getting to finally keep record of facelifts, reno’s and additions to our home. This is our first home together and am excited to share all the details that go into whatever project we are tackling. That’s right! I plan to break down the diy, labor and financial stuff as it allows and hopefully in real-time ;). I have been reading blogs for the past 5 years and the one thing that I really liked about other home bloggers is when they would share the “good stuff”. I like to know that there are real people out there with real projects that are played out so well that it would not leave the rest of us little people to wonder at ever the slight possibility of being able to tackle a project. Now I am a DIY’er and have been for some time now. I’m ready to take on new projects and new skills. We have already been living in our home since May 2011 and have had several projects already done in which I will be sharing here in the next few weeks. We still have a TON more so stick around and see what we are up to. To learn a little more about us please visit the “about me” section.


I challenge you to follow us through this new adventure. I promise to be as honest and detailed as possible as to encourage others to tackle their own DIY projects. I can’t wait to put all my ideas out there and creativity. Ahh…excitement!
First order of business…The Fall Pinterest Challenge.

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    Welcome to my little space in blogland. A place where I will spill all the dirty details in transforming our home from bland to awesomeness. Come and hang out as I share my projects and inspirations that will transpire into what we like to call Casa Lovefunk.
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