Herringbone Wall- Step by step.

So as I explained in my previous post this was not my first attempt at a herringbone wall. The first go around I got my inspiration from this pin. I really liked the way the pattern turned out in that nursery but I thought that it may be a little too graphic since I knew that I wanted a medium-dark shade of blue. I stumbled upon this one. Perfect! Below I will explain the step by step method that I used to get my pattern. This is what worked for me. It is actually quite EASY my friends but a bit time consuming.

**Make sure that you paint your base color before you tape. The base color will be the lines that form the pattern. In my case I used white.**

Tools needed for pattern only:

  • 2ft level or laser level. (I prefer the latter for this project).
  • Tape Measure
  • Painters tape (1″)
  • Ladder

I started by figuring out the size pattern that I wanted busted out my 2ft & 4ft level, tape measure and painters tape. I will break these down into steps which I find are a bit more easier. I do apologize for the pictures that were taken from my cell phone. I only had a few so I’m demonstrating on a piece of cardboard for reference. Pictures are a DIYers BFF.

1. Figure out what size you want the pattern to be. You can do a wide pattern, tight, tall, short..you get the idea. Remember the bigger the pattern is the less taping you will have to do which you will. do. a lot.

2. Measure how far down I wanted the pattern to be and mark/draw your line. **(Skip this step if you are doing a full wall)**

3. Once I did that I marked my vertical lines which will be the mid and end point of our pattern. I did this with a 2ft level( I find this easier to work with than the 4ft since you have more control just make sure to line right or it can throw pattern off).  I marked mine with a pencil every inches. This will serve as your guide.

4. Tape your lines. I used 1″ tape which I found to be the perfect width for the pattern lines.

5. After I finished that I started to measure and mark my pattern. I worked from bottom to top. (Full pattern wall: work your way from top to bottom since it will give you and even pattern). I made my marks every inches. Work your way along the wall. FULL ROOM- When you get to a corner keep the pattern moving along without any breaks.

6. Tape your lines. (Whole room pattern: start from end of wall all the way around. Accent wall: Start from the middle of the wall so your pattern wont cut off awkwardly). Start off with the first half of the full pattern. You will be taping from bottom-right to top-left as shown below. After you do that tape the next half but this time you will be taping from top-left to bottom right. Make sure that you do not overlap the pattern itself. You then will see the pattern emerge. Exciting! Work your way along the wall.

6a. FULL ROOM- Corners can be tricky if you walls are not square. Figuring out the angle and all that takes MORE work but if you have the time and patience do it. My walls are not square so I improvised. Skip the corner to the next line and tape so that after the corner is flanked by taped lines. I went back to the corner and eyeballed it until it looked even with the rest.

6b. When you get to the top (for my pattern) it cuts off . You have to figure out the angle. You can do it the old fashioned way if you have a protractor laying around or you can  do as I did below. Use your measuring device and make a mark up 5″ from the top of the tape. Every few inches, whatever suits you. Line up your tape below those marks.

**You can also tape as you go when doing step 5. In the end it takes the same amount of time to mark then tape as it is to mark, tape, mark tape. I tried it all**

7. After what seems like endless marking and taping eventually this will happen. At this point I recommend that you paint over the tape edges with your base color and let dry. This will give you nice crisp lines once you pull the tape off. It can also prevent your top color from peeling a la

I got a little lazy and just painted the top color directly over the tape. The sad thing is that I expected it. I’ve taped and painted so many times. I knew better. Sigh.
8. So once that is dry you can begin to paint your top color/s. I used a roller both times but a small one second time around. Work with one color at a time if doing multiples.

First round I did a single color. Second time I was going to use 3 colors, all the same family but different shades. I ended up using only 2.

Paint colors:

Version 1- Valspar’s Thundering clouds

Version 2- Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter (light). Darker shade was a custom mix of Nimbus and Stonington gray which I did at home.

9. Before your last coat of paint completely dries, slowly and carefully pull your tape off. Do not, I repeat DO NOT pull the tape off crazy style over your excitement. If you start to see any type of peeling stop and use a razor knife along the edge of the tape. Don’t worry if this happens. It can be fixed!

TA DA! Your work is done my friends, well for the most part. You will have touch ups to do. Hard work pays off!

So glad that I have it finished. I love it. Now I need to finish the rest of the room. This room is about 45% done. There is so much more to do in this room but had way to many summer projects going on around the house that this is how it sits for now. I will have the house tour and the need to do updated soon to give you an insight of what has been, needs to be and what is being planned.

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