Let the bodies hit the floor..

So as I’m typing this post I look to see what I can update about and realize that there is a lot that we have done that i don’t even know where to begin. As soon as we got the keys to the house we were in here painting and starting the transformation process. Most of the rooms got a facelift and the 2nd floor got a not so facelift with some ugly 80’s shell wall texture…more on that later (I do not want to remember but Im reminded everyday! Bad judgement call by J.Love.) Sigh. A las by looking through my stash of saved pictures I found one early project that made me happy and still puts a smile on face everyday. My floors. Hardwood floors. I luv.

When we first moved in the house we inherited this burgundy/maroon/ what have you colored carpet in our living room. When we did our walk through I knew that this was the first thing that had to go even though it was “NEW” carpet. Just not my cup of tea. The dinning room had a light colored laminate which was fine and could live with. We pulled the”new” carpet to find nastiness underneath.

I’ve had my heart set on darker hardwood floors like a dark chocolate or mocha but in the end got something in between. Still dark enough to make my heart tingle 🙂 Looked around at several places and came up on an awesome deal at Lumber Liquidators. This was our first major purchase for our new home. We went with Bella Wood Brazilian Rosewood. Just gorg!

With the help from my dad, J and I started installing the floor. It was mid-July and hot as a mofo, had the air off and fans going since we were in and out constantly making cuts and such. We have a rather long living room which took us the entire day to complete..between 3 people. Let me tell ya that the next day I was SORE! I literally could not walk straight for a few days. J and I tackled the dinning room a week later do to our work schedules at that time. We got ‘er done! I’m very happy with the end result and actually surprised that it was not that hard to do. The only drawback with the darker wood is that it collects dust faster. Well probably not faster but you can definitely see it clearly but totally worth it!

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