Fall 2012 Pinterest Challange

So here we are late afternoon and I am now just getting to posting these pictures. Sigh. Any who, I started this project earlier this year and have done these walls not once, but twice! I was not happy with the results the first time around but I am pleased with the latest.


Here is the original PIN that helped me get to this point.  Click HERE for the direct link to the blog, it is linked to original pin.

After many hours of work it finally payed off in the end. I love it! Please don’t judge my dinning room as it is FAR from being done. Yes, why I do have two different types of curtains up but remember we are showcasing the walls. ha!

Ok, well stayed tuned for tomorrow as I will show on how I went from this

To what we have now plus the tutorials, paint colors, ect.

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